For you safety and convenience, payment of food & drink throughout the event area will be cashless using a credit card. Either you can use your own personal Mastercard or Visa or you can get an exclusive H-D 115th pre-paid card that we have prepared especially for the event together with Mastercard and ČSOB bank. 

H-D 115th Anniversary Pre-paid Mastercard 

You can get a special H-D 115th prepaid Mastercard to use throughout the event area and credit the card with up to 6.000 CZK (approx. 250 EUR). After crediting the card you can easily pay anywhere in the event area as well as anywhere in the Czech Republic that accepts Mastercard up to 3 years after you get the card. The card is contactless and allows you to pay anywhere with a Mastercard payment terminal. After you use all the credit on the card, you can activate it for a refill (only valid for Czech citizens) and continue to use it for your daily purchases. You can also keep the card as a souvenir of the great time you had at the H-D 115th in Prague. The number of cards is limited. 

Payment in the Czech Republic

Businesses in the Czech Republic accept payment in cash in Czech Crowns (CZK). The majority of them also accept electronic payment using credit and debit cards. You can exchange your cash at exchange points to Czech Crowns or you can use credt/debit cards. The Czech Republic also belongs among the world leaders in contactless payments. In most places you can also pay using the contactless system at card terminals when this function is available. 

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