Biker's games

Basic Information:

  • 3 member teams
  • At least one Harley-Davidson motorcycle
  • 3 disciplines
  • All team members must participate in at least 1 discipline

Determination of winners:
Each discipline awards points according to the placement in the individual disciplines. 5 points for first place, 3 points for Second, 2 points for 3rd and one point for everyone else who participates.

1. Riding

  • Individual Slow Rider – Riders will be timed while navigating a track as slowly as possible. Riders’ will have 5s deducted from their time for each time their feet touch the ground and any rider whose feet have contact with the ground longer than 2 seconds per instance will be disqualified. The rider with the longest time wins.
  • One participant from each team is selected to ride.
  • Riders must use their own motorcycle.

2. Mechanical Ability

  • Manual Tire Change – Participants must remove and replace a tire on a rim using only tire irons. The fastest to take the tire off and put it back on again wins.
  • One Participant from each team is selected to participate.
  • Participants all receive the same tire and rim combination along with appropriate tire irons.
  • Tires are already ‘loose on the rim’ and the change does not involve filling the tire with air, only getting the tire on and off of the rim.

3. Strength

  • Surprise – Participants will have a chance to show off their physical strength during the games, but we want to keep this one a secret until the games begin.

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